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23 April 2022 19:00Reimersholme Hotel

Lamine Cissokho
23 april kl 19:00

Lamine Cissokho is a « griot » born in Casamance, south of Senegal. A griot is, in Western Africa, a member of a hereditary caste whose function is to keep an oral history and to entertain with stories, songs and music.

Lamine is the descendant of a famous griot family whose traditions date back to the 14th century. He was introduced to the kora as a child by his own father, Sana Cissokho, one of the great name of this generation. Lalo Keba Drame, considered as the king of the kora, was Lamine’s grand-uncle and inspirer.

He quickly developed a taste for composition and arrangement. He has so far composed and arranged about 200 own songs which are inspired the Mandingo tradition but are revisited by touches of jazz, oriental music and nordic folk chords. Lamine is constantly seeking to extend the musical possibilities of his kora and to integrate various influences into his creation. His « out of the box » tune of the kora make him quite unique.

"His music is like a melting pot of African, oriental and jazz music. Lamine’s kora is there all the time in a melodic and continuous flow of tones that are nicely woven together with the other instruments in perfect harmony. It is difficult to sit still to all the rhythms in the music, but despite that you can also get a meditative and calm feeling from it." (/Per Dahlerus)

Mer om Lamine Cissokho: https://laminecissokhokora.com

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